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Diversity & on set policy

We do not tolerate racism,

or any form of hate.

Heritage is an entirely female-led company, which is something we believe gives the company a different perspective within the Irish production landscape.

Being a minority in the industry we have a heightened lack of tolerance for racism, discrimination, harassment or hate.

Although we shouldn’t have to highlight that we are female-led, the fact of the matter is that in 2019 only 0.1% of creative agencies were owned by women.

We can definitely see this gender gap ourselves in the industry here in Ireland. We strive to continue to challenge these stats by ensuring at least 40% of our crews are gender diverse when the national average is currently 22%.

We actively monitor our sets to ensure they are diverse - considering: cultural diversity, racial diversity, religious diversity, age diversity, sex/gender diversity, sexual orientation, disability.

Filmmaking and creating art is essentially about expression, feeling and having fun. 

Crew safety & concessions:

- We aim to keep our production days to 10 hours maximum when we can.

- Crew to only work in departments they are trained to do so

- Electrical, water, and height safety on set

- Qualified crew members for stunts, and technical productions

- Risk assessments

- Breaks and hot healthy food during lunchtime

- Access to adequate facilities on set

- Adequate rest periods between night and day shoots

- Being flexible for crew with children or crew with carer roles

- Being flexible for crew with part-time jobs

- Looking after crew who may be pregnant and ensuring they have adequate rest and facilities

- Ensuring crew gets paid on time

- Ensuring that all crew gets home safely

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