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Heritage, a sustainable agency since 2019

Since 2019, HERITAGE was the first production company in Ireland to sign up to the Creatives For Climate pledge where we will disclose our turnover from carbon heavy brands, we actively refuse creative pitches from carbon intensive industries.



We are:

- Member of Creatives FOR Climate since (2019)

- Signed up to ADGREEN since (2021)

- Providing carbon calculations for productions since (2022)


As a company will not promote: - The sale of weapons or military operations - Products that are tested on animals - Organisations using animals for medical research - The sale of tobacco - Gambling - Fast fashion - Products or companies known to threaten life, harm animals or exploit others - Products or companies known to be carrying out socially or environmentally harmful activities - Companies wishing to run campaigns that could be considered greenwashing or social washing - Businesses manufacturing and promoting single use plastic - Work or projects from the fossil fuel industry.

We try our best to learn how to be better in our industry and below are some tips we try to implement on all of our productions.


SUSTAINABLE - ON SET TIPS - how we make change

1. Plastic & waste free set 


- Encourage reusable water bottles & keep cups for crafty services

- Water drums from local water sources

- Catering with compostable packaging

- Split waste & recycling bins on set

- No paper on set - Use of ipads for call sheets, consent forms etc

2. Props, styling & sourcing


- Props from prop-houses or charity shops

- Styling from non-fast fashion brands, using sustainable materials eg GOTS certified brands

- Shipping and transporting props with recycled boxes and paper based tape

- Food props to be donated to animal feed

3. Transport & Fuel use


- Car pooling when possible - can be difficult with Covid

- Bus or splitter vans for crew & clients for shoots

- Generators to be electric when possible


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Heritage - Member of Creatives for Climate since 2019
Here is our 2019 report below

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